My Fitbit Fanatic Quiz

Have you taken your enthusiasm for your pedometer too far?

This Christmas, like tens of thousands of other people, I recieved a new FitBit pedometer.  I immediately tore it out of its packaging, and put it on.

It has been over 2 months since Christmas, and other than charging it, me and my FitBit have been inseparable. 

I thought everything was great until I forget it at home one day…I was shocked how attached I was to my pedometer considering I had only been wearing it for a few m

It got me thinking….has my relationship with this motivational technology gone too far…become “unhealthy” even? Am I addicted? Are you?


So. After conducting some extensive, nonstandard research while pondering the scientific method, I developed this fool-proof assessment tool to get my answer.

Feel free to try it as well.  

Answer the following statements about you and your pedometer:  True or False

  1. You almost always have your pedometer on your person, and if you notice that you  forgot it – you will immediately run back into the house to grab it.
  2. You check your pedometer more than 20X times a day.
  3. You find that once you have reached your daily step goal that you lose all motivation to move anymore until it resets again at midnight.
  4. You have considered unfriending people who consistently have higher step counts than you so you can finally be first on your weekly summary.
  5. If you forget your pedometer at home, you skip planned activities since if they are not being tracked – what’s the point?
  6. You dream about how many steps past activities like hiking that mountain trail in the 8th grade, or running that long trail race 5 years ago would have added to your lifetime total, or your next stair climber badge.
  7. You get angry when your tracker seems to have “ripped you off” steps, or staircases that you feel you have earned.  
  8. You bring up step counts in regular conversation. e.g. Wow, did you know from here to the color copier is 100 steps?; Can you believe I walked 1500 steps just looking for my keys this morning?
  9. You have been caught reacting to, or ‘talking’ to your pedometer in public.
  10. You have either contemplated or actually experimented in finding ways to sabotage your pedometer to record steps you haven’t actually taken, e.g., attaching it to your dog or your kids, etc.
  11. You often judge people by the by their daily step target, e.g., 3K per day (slacker) 20K per day (show off)
  12. When you see other people wearing pedometers you immediately a) think more highly of them, b) wonder about their daily target, and c) try to nonchalantly see their current tally.


By number of your “true” answers here are your results:

  • Less than 4 – You enjoy your pedometer, and that is ok. Carry on, you are doing awesome! PS Can I be your FitBit friend since I am pretty sure I would destroy your step totals every week, and I figure you can never have too many friends to “step” on.
  • Between 5 – 8  I think you know already that you are starting to have a problem here. Don’t worry, you have not gone too far … yet. Maybe take a day off every week? Ok, how about  just take a day off every once and awhile? Ok…..duh, I was just kidding!  Wanna race me up Everest? Ready. Set. Go!
  • 7 and Over What can I say? You scare me. No really, this result is disturbing. Don’t blame yourself because it’s not your fault. I understand that it is hard not to over do it sometimes. Don’t worry we can fix this – there is hope for you I promise! First, you need to immediately transfer all of your lifetimes steps to me. (For safe keeping) Next, you need to get off your feet for a while because how else do you expect the rest of us to catch up to you?


I would like to dedicate this post to my FitBit – you are like the supportive, metric-crazed, rechargeable coach that I never had.  ❤ xoxo


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