How I Fight My Festive Funk

It is only days before the big day, and instead of joy – I see many people down and out. What is wrong?! It’s Christmas time!

I have tried to prepare in advance a lot this year by keeping things simple, and getting more involved in charity work, etc.

Even still, I found myself thinking the other day,  “I can’t wait for Christmas to be over!”

Since this is my favorite holiday, and I think it is safe to say it is the biggest holiday going I have decided it is worth taking a closer look to see what’s going on.

My Christmas Season…..Upside & Downside

  • Tons of family gatherings and parties!
    Logistical nightmare, awkward conversations, too much food, nothing to wear…. Oh look, it’s so ‘n so.!  I hate that guy…
  • Getting together with friends
    Family gets priority this time of year so that is
    not happening for me, but maybe we will catch you another time….
  • Holiday concerts
    Bad music & unruly crowds – Did I mention I can’t hear anything anyway? Besides parking lot politics suck the festive joy right out of me!
  • Service opportunities
    Are a great reminder to me of what a terrible example of a Christian I am the rest of the year.
  • Giving gifts
    Online shopping has helped me a lot with this item….until my credit card information was stolen – again!
  • Goodwill towards others
    Ok, this one is nice, but I find it hard to spot sometimes….
  • Holiday break from school and work
    This is great too, but I wish the weather was nicer. Can you say cabin fever?
  • New Years
    Endless countdowns, best ofs, or top 10 lists of 2015 to scroll through – not to mention the official confirmation that I have failed to accomplish many of the goals I made this time last year.

Hmm, I can see that there appears to be some opposition to my holiday cheer.

I can’t say I know for sure how to make this better, but here’s a few things that I plan to try :

  1. Less – I made a list of activities, gifts to give, food to make, and events that interested me this season and then I cut them in half, and then in half again. Less is more.
  2. Health – I try to eat better than usual during this time of year because I know that I will be eating more rich foods than I normally do. Hint: Don’t forget the extra fibre!  (You’re welcome!)
  3. Move – I try to keep active in every day. WALK. RUN. It doesn’t matter – it’s all good.
  4. Love – It is a well known fact that the key to happiness is to create happiness for others. It’s not hard at any Christmas event to find someone who is not happy. I try to make them smile for a minute, and then I find as a result it will keep me smiling for ten.
  5. Forgive – I find one thing that’s really bugging me, and I let it go. Maybe it’s a little thing that just happened, or maybe it’s been ripping at my heart for decades – it doesn’t matter – I find this is a good time of year for working it out, and letting it go – for good.
  6. Smile – You’re never fully dressed without it they say. Besides ‘tis the season of pictures, and everyone (I don’t care what your teeth look like) looks better when they smile. Anyways no matter your gloom I find it never fails to let the sun shine in when you face it with a big, toothy grin.

I dropped off a holiday food hamper with my daughter the other day. If you’ve never done it before you should know that the boxes get heavy with all the cans, and so some ‘elfs’ came to help us take the boxes out of our car to the drop off site. My daughter was mortified that these strangers saw our car’s dirty exterior. ( I was planning to wash it…later…eventually…)

I said to her that these people don’t care about that – they are here to help. They are just looking for the ‘good stuff’ inside our car.

Then it hit me that this was the best way to enjoy the holidays!

The year I have decided to approach the holidays with a helping attitude so even if  I happen to see a white car that has been  made ugly by dirt, and grime it will barely catch my notice. That is not my focus. It’s the good stuff on the inside that I am interested in. After all, everyone knows it what’s inside that counts!

Merry Christmas!


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